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*Winter 2023 Release*


The Boy from the North Country Series – Book 4

The unwelcome return of Drake Dawson wreaked havoc on the Jacobsen family, inflicting unimaginable heartache and pain. Motivated by a desire to reconnect with Erika, he tried to force himself back into her life. She did not tell Henrik, which only made matters worse. Would Erika resist the unwanted advances or be subjected to the horrifying consequences of her actions?

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The Boy from the North Country Series – Book 3

The sale of an old family farm to a big city developer threatened to cause irrevocable change to the quaint small town. Motivated by his love for Nye, Minnesota, Henrik Jacobsen devised a strategy to stop the proposed construction, but citizen support was needed to execute the plan. There was little time to act. Would he succeed in his fight to preserve the charm and livelihood of the town or would they be lost forever?

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The Boy from the North Country Series – Book 2

Jim Rollins sought revenge for the death of his daughter and devised a plan. Henrik was puzzled by unusual occurrences at his woodworking company and could never have imagined his predicament or the challenges he would face. Would he solve the crime or would Jim Rollins have his revenge?

The Prodigy Book Cover

The Prodigy

The Boy from the North Country Series – Book 1

An introverted class valedictorian risks
everything on a plan that becomes
life-changing.  He knew there were risks
but could never have imagined or
dared to whisper what the future would hold.

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A young man you’ll always remember.
A decision you’ll never forget.
An unexpected move turned into a nightmare when a jealous classmate harassed him at
every turn. A moment of indiscretion
only makes matters worse.

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